this is an exclusive invitation to a business transformation...

Do you wake up in the morning to scroll through your email and immediately feel sad and frustrated with the lack of new leads?

Do you spend a ton of time and energy to make your launch perfect, only to hear crickets?

Are you looking to dramatically uplevel your business?

Are you scared to raise your prices and start showing up consistently?

Are you confused about the "what, when, and how" of your program and launch calendar?

are you ready to join 19 other amazing women?

the vip coaching program...

is a 3-month transformative program for female business coaches who are looking to start showing up and seriously make an impact in their client's lives. Throughout this 3-month initiative, you will: define what you want to be known for, start to own your messaging, structure and organize your programs, gain visibility, and have a completely sold-out launch. You will experience the revolution and shift in your business, that you've been looking for!

  • You're tired of treating your coaching business as a side-hustle and you're ready to become a top income-earner

  • You're feeling unmotivated, uninspired, and like you've hit a plateau in your current business 

  • You have a deep desire and willingness to learn creative, innovative, strategies 

  • You want to make a name for yourself in your coaching business, with people begging to work with you 

  • You're ready to take the struggle out of organization and "Marie Kondo" your systems

  • You're obsessed with launching your new program but don't want to repeat the last failed launch

  • You want to have a 5-figure+ launch that's easy, smooth, stress-free, and FUN

this is you...

"I've been working with chloe and it has absolutely blown me away how much her strategies, her support, and how she looks at marketing as a whole has supported me during the launch of this program."

Ava Johanna


are you ready to have high-level support and a clear plan of action for your next launch?


You get one 60-minute  breakthrough session to use as you please! But that's not where the support stops. You will have unlimited support from me throughout the program as well as access to bi-weekly office hours


Join 19 other soul sisters on the same ambitious, energetic business journey as you! Every other week, we will dive into a new lesson, guiding you through the necessary steps to grow your dream business. 




Throughout the length of the program, we will have THREE guest-experts sharing their juicy knowledge in their field of expert. Each guest expert will bring their zone of genius to give you even MORE necessary knowledge to launch your biz.


The resource vault is where our project will be managed throughout the program. I will regularly be uploading templates, resources, recordings of all of our sessions, and your weekly assignments. Even after the program is finished  - you will have access to this vault FOR LIFE.



and impact are the

building blocks for success toward your business goals.

"because of her strategy & her holistic approach to launching, social media, and mindset, we had a $10k launch on a $97 product. I had never sold that much volume of a product before and it's 100% from working with chloe."

Ashley Gordon



gaining clarity on who your ideal audience and dream clients are

gaining confidence to show up every day and get visible 

creating a clear plan of action and strategy for your services/programs

paving your path to your first six-figure year

structuring your programs and charging your worth

creating an impact and getting known for being a leader in your industry

"I started working with Chloe 6 months ago, & what I've learned in these 6 months compared to what I did 6 years prior, is nothing short of transformational. I have now learned to create a social media strategy that allows me to engage my audience, speak to my ideal client & get my message across."

Gina Ward



Chloe Urquhart

Hi! I'm Chloe! I am an online business coach for coaches!


My mission is to help female business coaches become self-sufficient six-figure earners online. I teach my clients unique strategies and tactics that are simple to understand and easy to implement.

The strategies I teach are the same strategies that have allowed me and my clients to have six-figure launches.

My purpose is to show you how you can launch or scale an online business using my three-step method: mindset, impact, and strategy.