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Accelerator Course

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Learn how to turn your social media followers into dream clients!

This 12-week group coaching program was designed to help you understand the potential of social media and what it can do for your coaching or consulting business including:

  • Identifying your brand

  • Creating the right content

  • Maintaining consistency & saving time

  • Attracting your dream clients

  • Increasing your monthly income

Social media doesn't have to be hard. With the right strategies, you have the power to increase your monthly revenue & work with dream clients.

does this sound

like you?

You've been on social media for 6+ months and implementing "best practices" but you're not seeing any results.

You know the power of social media and what it can do for your coaching or consulting business, but you have no idea where to even begin. 

You're creating and posting content but you're attracting the wrong audience. 

Your posting is inconsistent, you're not sure of a proper posting schedule and you feel lost on what content to publish.

You know you should be aiming to show up every day but you can't find the time to create and post.

You don't have a social media strategy in place and you have no idea how to create one.

limited spots available. Time is running out! 



You will learn the exact strategies and methods I used to start and grow my business to five-figure months. 

You will learn how to properly create content to attract your ideal clients and write captions that convert. 

You will learn how to cultivate an audience of warm leads, giving you tons of inbound leads per month.

I will teach you how to leverage social media to automate your client pipeline so you no longer have to cold outreach to prospects.

You will learn how to take the stress out of social media by learning simple tactics, processes, and tools.

I will teach you how to develop a social media strategy and campaign plan to help you turn your followers into clients.

imagine cultivating an audience of warm leads, giving you tons of clients each month


WEEK ONE: Getting started - crafting your mission statement, identifying your brand, and profile optimization. ($2,500 value)

WEEK THREE: Determining your ideal client and target audience so you can create targeted content to convert your followers into paying customers. ($3,500 value)

WEEK FIVE: Tactics, tools, and processes to increase your efficiency on social media including content creation. ($1,500 value)

WEEK SEVEN: Building your personal brand, creating a community, and providing consistent value to your audience so you position yourself as an expert in your space. ($2,500 value)

WEEK NINE: Developing a social media strategy and campaign plan to help you increase your overall income and automate your pipeline. ($6,000 value)

WEEK ELEVEN: Learn conversion strategies to build your email list on social media. ($3,500 value)

**Every other week we will meet for live Q&A calls. This will be your opportunity to obtain 1:1 coaching from me where you can ask specific questions.



$433/month for 3 months

are you ready to properly create content to attract your ideal clients and write captions that convert?


Chloe comes from a unique place of genuinely wanting her clients to succeed. This mantra makes working with her a completely personal and customized experience. She not only listens to your goals, but she is also brilliant at calculating a unique way to accomplish them. How she keeps up with the constant evolution of social media algorithms is a complete mystery to me. But she navigates it seamlessly and beautifully, constantly leaving me with new tips so that my content stands out above the noise. She is a social media magician. 

Lizz Rantze | Rantze + Raves

what's included

Lifetime access to all of the coaching sessions, training materials, resources, and private FB group

Weekly, LIVE, 60-minute group coaching sessions with the opportunity to ask questions

Hands-on support with unlimited email and text access during the program

With only 20 women per program, you're guaranteed individual feedback and training specific for your unique business 

"I'm already seeing results just a week and a half into posting and I'm expecting this strategy/content to make all the difference in gaining leads!"

-Mackenzie Magnolia

class begins April 20th, 2020

*Limited to 20 spots per program