Do you want to learn the exact strategies I teach my clients to automate their biz & have $100k+ launches?

Have you been on social media for 6+ months without a real strategy in place?

Are you struggling to convert your followers into customers?

Are you spending hours planning and creating content but no one is seeing it?

Are you posting out of desperation instead of with intention?

Do you feel like you're not attracting the right audience or ideal clients?

The Hart Media Method is a course designed to teach you specific strategies and methods to attract your ideal clients, automate your business, have sold-out course launches and increase your overall monthly revenue to $10k+ months all through social media.

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imagine if...

  • you had clients in your DM's begging to work with you

  • your courses and group coaching programs were always selling out, you had to start a "waitlist"

  • you were reaching and exceeding your monthly sales goals EVERY month

  • you could take the "guessing" out of social media
  • you had a plan of action to follow, you no longer had to stress about what to post

  • you created a huge loyal community and fan base of brand advocates and customers

  • you could save time on your marketing efforts, so you could focus on other avenues of your business

real results


1 million + impressions

$10k course launch in one-month

8% growth rate

are you ready to have a clear plan of action so you no longer have to stress about what to post?

look inside

module 1

introduction: what is a strategy & why do you need one?

You can't have a plan in place without knowing what goals you're working towards. Your strategy is basically a translation of your goals and objections so you can easily envision the who, what, and how of your social content. Learn how to set SMART goals with our custom goal-setting template. 

module 3

identifying your ideal client & buyer's journey

$3,500 value

A strategy is a well thought out plan behind what you're posting so you can get more intentional with how you're showing up. Understanding why you need a strategy and the impact it can have on your business will be the first step in taking action towards building a profitable business on social media.

module 2

identifying your goals

$2,500 value

Knowing and understanding your target audience is the single most important aspect to your social media strategy. Without knowing who you're serving, you can't create content that speaks directly to their wants and needs. Learn how to create your ideal client avatar and map your unique buyer's journey so you can ensure you're creating targeted content.

In order to succeed on social media, you need to know what purpose you're serving in the first place. Once you know why you're doing what you're doing in the first place, it will make it a lot easier for your audience and customers to also buy into that mission. Remember, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 

module 4

developing your mission statement

$1,050 value

module 5

identifying your brand

$2,500 value

Your social media branding goes far beyond your visual aesthetic. Your branding is about how you make people feel which includes your voice, language, and tone as well as your colors, filters, and logos.  Learn how to properly identify your look and feel for your social media brand. 

Whether you have a new service, course, or freebie launching, it's important it gets enough promotional time. Developing your launch calendar for the next three, six, or twelve months will allow you to incorporate it into your content calendar so you can save time and reach your goals.

module 6

content strategy & launch calendar

$6,000 value

module 7

3-month campaign plan

$3,500 value

You will learn the exact campaign plan I use for my clients to help them get $10k+ launches, sold-out group coaching programs, and full client pipelines. This campaign plan will truly help you become more intentional on social media, which will help you reach all of your sales goals.

Social media engagement is more than just the number of followers you have. Businesses that focus on building their social media engagement can benefit from better reach and overall ROI. As a result, greater brand awareness makes it easier to attract new customers. You will learn reactive and proactive engagement tactics as well as other standout strategies to boost your engagement rates. 

module 8

engagement strategy

$1,500 value

module 9

reporting & success tracking

$1,500 value

It's difficult to see the progress you've made without properly tracking your success. Learn how to efficiently keep track of your data so you can easily determine your social media ROI.

$22,050 value for only:


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results you can expect:

  • becoming clear on your "why" 

  • gaining clarity on who your ideal client is so you can create targeted content that converts

  • setting SMART goals for your business that you achieve through social media

  • social selling methods

  • streamlining your social media efforts so you can take the "guessing" out of it

  • learning the exact strategies I still use and teach all of my clients which result in 5-figure+ months

"Implementing Chloe's strategies into my social media, not only helped me have a $10k launch but helped me give so much more value to my audience than ever before."

- Ashley Gordon


Chloe Urquhart

Hi! I'm Chloe! I am a business coach and social media strategist. 


My mission is to help female coaches become self-sufficient six-figure earners on social media. I teach my clients unique strategies and tactics that are simple to understand and easy to implement.

The strategies I teach are the same strategies that have allowed me and my clients to bring in consistent 5-figure months and even $100k launches!

My purpose is to teach you that social media doesn't need to be about beating the next algorithm. It can be simple, all you need is the right strategies in place.

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