Why Social Media Is Crucial For Your Creative Business {Survey}

Updated: Apr 10

Social media has no longer become an "option." Social media is now crucial and nearly mandatory for your creative business to succeed.

We interviewed ten different creative business owners and 100% of them said social media was crucial in order for them to succeed in their business and that they've depended on social media to bring in new clients and opportunities.

Kris Picard from Blk Sheep Creative (a boutique branding and web design studio) mentioned, "Despite now having a website and developing an email list, I still book 98% of my clients through Instagram organically, with no cold calls/DM's."

We would have to agree that 99% of clients Hart Media has ever signed, has come direct from Instagram. After looking over Blk Sheep Creative's Instagram, it's apparent they know their audience and they are creating content to attract their ideal clients. Each caption tells a unique story and speaks to their audiences challenges.

She also went to mention, "All I had for the first 9 months of business was my Instagram account when I booked all of my clients and worked my way up to booking out my services with consistent $5k months, all thanks to the strategies I implement on Instagram."

This goes to show, with the right strategy in-place you will organically attract clients and consistently increase your pipeline and scale your service-based business.

Nicole MacDonald from January Made (a high-quality Squarepace website designer) said, "Instagram has been the biggest game changer for my business, it allows me to get my work and message out there in front of people all over the world and also allows me to connect with likeminded people I would never would have been able to speak to otherwise."

When starting and growing your creative business, you aren't limited to one specific location. Nicole specifically leveraged her Instagram to create a community and form relationships with business owners all over the world.

Tonya Vanderhart from Vibrant Ambition (a mindset mentor and coaching service) said, social media has, "Built trust between me and my ideal client, helped me build relationships with my clients and other female entrepreneurs, and turned followers into buyers."

Social media helps to build trust and credibility with your prospects and clients. Especially when building a service-based business, it's important to create a personal brand to help build that credibility. After looking over Tonya's account, it's apparent she is consistently building her personal brand and consistently showing up on a personal level to intimately connect with her audience.

We asked Lindsay Scholz from Lindsay Scholz Studio ( a content, email and design studio) if social media was crucial for her business and she said, "Absolutely! Social media is where I built up an engaged and loyal audience while I was still working in corporate marketing and freelancing on the side, and it's what allowed me to find clients and qualified leads as soon as I brought my business full-time."

Emily Bordner from EB and Co. also said social media is crucial for the success of her business. She mentioned, "We launched a product on Instagram and sold out within 24 hours last week. It was all driven by social media. Not all products are like this, but when done well, it has an impact."

Each of these business owners all seem to have a commonality that social media isn't even an option. Without this powerful platform, it appears their businesses wouldn't be able to succeed in the same way. For Hart Media specifically, we didn't even have a website for the first eight months of our business and to be honest, are website is fairly simple. We really depend on social media to bring in our leads, opposed to our website.

Alice Yoo from Skylaryoo said, "Social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, is a huge component of our business. Not only do new customers find us through social media, they get a feel for our brand and what we stand for. We post daily on Instagram (@skylar.yoo), and we don't just show our products, we try and provide an uplifting experience, through our choice of inspiring quotes and pictures."

It's important to show up in a way to not only promote your products and services but to create a community and increase your brand exposure. When expressing who you are as a brand and speaking directly to your audience, you will end up turning your followers into brand advocates without having to push a hard sale.

We asked Abbey Mcgrew from Wayfarer Design Studio (a branding and web design studio) what shifts she's seen in social media since the start of her business. She said, "My business has definitely grown. I've gotten more and more clients through social media. I've also seen a big change in how followers are interacting with people on Instagram. Insta Stories have become a much more effective way to engage with my followers rather than in post comments."

We continuously teach our clients how important it is to have a personal brand and establish yourself on a personal level when promoting your business on social media, and here is a perfect example. When Abbey shows up on a personal level, it gives her an audience a chance to connect with her intimately which helps build trust and credibility and positions herself as an expert in her industry.

If you're in a creative business and you're not on social media actively, you could be missing out on countless opportunities. Take advice from these successful business owners and start showing up everyday. Whether you're a branding studio, a photographer, a business coach or a retail owner - social media can absolutely increase your client pipeline with the right strategy in-place.

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