How to Switch your Messaging without Pausing your Marketing

Yes, we're in a crisis, and yes, you can still show up on social media and ask for the sale. It's not a matter if you can still show up on social media, it's how you're choosing to show up.

During times like this doesn't mean we need to abandon our businesses or stop showing up. I think it's important to be sensitive to the nature of what's going on and what people are experiencing, but there's also an opportunity to still sustain your business, if not grow and expand.

It's a no brainer that there has been a huge increase of people spending time on social media. Personally, I have experienced nearly a 40% increase in overall engagement on Instagram. If you're not showing up and promoting your business, you could be missing out on countless opportunities. So, if you want to learn how to pivot instead of panic during a crisis, follow these steps:

Knowing & catering to your audience

  • Knowing exactly who your ideal client is and what they need during this time, will allow you to create specific and targeted content to attract them. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What industry/niche are they in?

  • Who are their demographics?

  • What are they struggling with during these times?

  • Do they need you right now?/ Do your services serve them?

  • What are their goals?

  • How can you help them or tailor your products/services during this time?

Remember, your audience's challenges, needs, desires, and goals could have shifted during this time. It's important you try and be accomodating to your audience, which may potentially require you to pivot your own services or products, slightly.

Provide consistent value

To ensure you're reaching (and impacting) your audience, make sure every piece of content adds value. I always teach my clients to "give, more than you take." A good rule of thumb is to follow the 90/10 rule which is creating 90% educational and value-based content, and only 10% promotional content. Depending on how often you show up on social media, it typically tends to be one day per week dedicated to promotional content.

Like I had mentioned, your audience's needs may be shifting or have shifted. Focus on creating specific content that speaks directly to their new challenges and goals. Once you have identified these goals and challenges, think about content topics that will be helpful and beneficial for them. For example, I know my audience has been struggling with ways they can still show up on social media, so I've created content (like this blog post), to answer those questions for them.

Provide as much up-front free content as possible, specifically leveraging stories and IGTV to host free mini-training webinars. During this time, your audience might be experiencing some financial hardships, therefore, it might take them a bit longer to decide to make an investment. Hosting a free training and providing educational value will allow people to see your value, knowledge, and skill. This also builds trust and they are more likely to work with you directly or refer to someone to you.

Switch your messaging to come from a place of integrity

Like I mentioned, it's 100% okay to still show up on social media and ask for the sale. But it's important to ensure you're coming from a place of integrity. This may require you to switch your messaging or content strategy a bit!

Be sensitive to what's going on, but don't center your ENTIRE content strategy around the crisis. Mentioning the crisis a few times to show you are understanding of what's going on, is more than enough! It's also okay to state your opinion, but just be careful about controversial issues.

The way you show up on social media should be consistent with your mission and values. Think back to your values and mission statement you created when you first started your business. Remember why you started your business in the first place and remember your big “why” for being on social media and being in business!

Show up in a relatable way. Like I mentioned, you don't need to center your entire strategy around the crisis, but creating content that people can connect to, will build trust. If your business is having a hard time, don’t be afraid to talk about it or if you’re losing clients due to the crisis, it’s okay to talk about it - because people will connect to this.

Launch special promotions and freebies

Think about what your audience needs and how you can help them during this time. I think you will start to notice that having a really good handle on your audience, will allow you to cater to them in a much more customized way.

Think about hosting a giveaway or a scholarship program to allow one person to win their way into your program or to work with you in some capacity. You can leverage social media to promote this program. Plus, if you use social media to host your giveaway, the applicants will organically be giving you free promotion.

Thinking about your audience's new challenges, launch an amazing, valuable, freebie that feeds into your paid offers. The topic for the freebie should support their challenges and goals! When you're promoting your freebie on social media, post teasers and snippets of your freebie and direct your audience to click the “link in bio” to download. Just don’t forget to “gate” your freebie, meaning people need to fill out a form and put in their email address in order to download your freebie!

Special Offers

Thinking back to your audience and what they want and need during this time, strategize low-ticket offers or flexible payment terms. A lot of businesses are struggling and experiencing financial hardships so showing your audience that you're accomodating their circumstances will go a long way!

Ask yourself what creative elements you can launch to help yourself stand out. For example, think about hosting on-demand options for your programs. If you have a group-coaching program, can you record the videos and allow people to have access to the videos for a fraction of the price? This allows you to still cater to your audience but lets them choose which options might work best for them.

Speaking of group-program, think about increasing your group capacity and offering the program at a lower rate. If you typically accept 10 people into your program at $1,200, consider accepting 20 people into your program at $600. Not only does the price accommodate your audience during this time, but you're allowing more people who need your services into your program.

Once you've identified your own services and products that will help during this time, promote these changes and updates on social media. You can use these differentiators as selling points to stand out amongst your competitors.

If you feel stuck on ways you can switch your messaging while still asking for the sale during these times, come join me on April 20th in my 12-week group-coaching program. This program will teach you how to develop a profit-driving strategy and a 3-month campaign plan which will set you up for $10k+ months in your coaching business!