How to Sell on Social Without Being Salesy

Updated: Apr 10

You may have tuned into my recent Instagram stories last week, but in case you missed it, the stories are saved in the "tips" highlight on our Instagram.

Last week I talked about outreaching to potential clients and prospects through the use of social media direct messaging. I'd like to first start off by saying every strategy I discuss, may be slightly different for your unique business and industry. This is what has worked for me and a ton of my clients, however, every business is extremely unique.

The first tip I wanted to start off discussing is to make sure you find the proper point of contact you want to reach out too. Usually, with bigger, enterprise-level companies, I won't have any luck sending a direct DM to their company page. I am going to have better luck, sending a personal message, and forming a relationship with the decision maker, or someone who works closely with the decision maker. For instance, if I was reaching out to Target, I probably wouldn't have luck with Target responding. And if Target did respond, the person managing the social media account, most likely isn't the social media manager or marketing director that I would want to be in-touch with. I use LinkedIn to type in "Target" or the company I'm wanting to get in-touch with, and then type in the job role of who I think I want to reach out too. Once I find that person, I will look them up on Instagram, or another social media platform. Once I have found them, I will either add them as a friend or continue engaging in their content until I'm comfortable enough to reach out to them.

Which brings me to my second recommendation. My next recommendation is creating organic, authentic relationships with the people or prospects you want to reach out too. By engaging with someones content - commenting on their posts, reacting to their stories, liking their videos, etc. you will start to create an organic relationship so in the event you're ready to message them, they will already recognize your name. At this point, they will be more inclined to reply to you because they have seen your name/username somewhere.

Once you have formed somewhat of a relationship, you will more than likely get a reply but the key is to keep it cool and not salesy AT ALL. When I reach out to potential prospects I say something along the lines of "Hi my name is Chloe, I help businesses expand their profits on social media. I Just wanted to reach out to you and introduce myself." And that's it! If I see they open the message but don't respond, I will wait a week or so and send another friendly message, or just keep engaging with their own personal content. Another way you can keep it friendly on social media is to promote your free offer. For example, we offer free social media audits so I could say something like "Hi my name is Chloe, I help businesses increase their exposure on social media. For month of May, we're offering free social media audits, let me know if you're interested!" Again, keeping it very short and friendly and not bombarding them with a ten paragraph sales pitch on why you're amazing.

One thing to keep in mind is your buyer's journey. Depending on your products, services or industry your buyer's journey could be longer than others, meaning it takes a long time for people to make a decision or even consider your services. It's important to nurture your buyer through the buyer's journey to help prepare them to make a decision. Nurturing your buyer consists of three different phases - Awareness, Consideration & Decision stages. It's important to keep these in mind when creating these relationships with your prospects, because they could be in different stages. It's important to know your buyers, and provide them with the information they need at any particular time in the buyer's journey.