How to Create Content to Attract More Clients

Updated: Apr 10

If you have an online business or leverage the digital space to get new clients, it's important you're creating content to specifically speak to your ideal client.

But how do you know if you're speaking to your ideal client? How do you know you're creating the right kind of content that will resonate with your client?

First, it's important to create and develop your buyer personas. Your buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client, based on real facts and market research. So what steps do you need to go through in order to start developing your buyer personas?

1. Knowing Your Ideal Client Background: What are basic details about your ideal client in terms of their industry, job role, their day-to-day duties, what they do on their free time, etc. It's important to know this key information because it will depend on what type of content you're creating. If you're targeting a marketing manager of a fashion company you might be providing marketing tips to speak to them, but if you're targeting a CEO of a beauty company, you might provide tips to help them increase their overall ROI or improve retention.

2. Knowing Their Demographics: What are your client's demographics? Their gender, age, location, etc. This is extremely important to not only determine what content you're going to be posting, but where. If you're targeting a millennial, they might go to Instagram for information, but if you're targeting a baby boomer, they might be on Facebook more. Your also going to be creating different content if you're targeting a male in Hawaii opposed to a female in New York. This will also help you determine a posting schedule. Given the time difference, you will want to make sure you're posting on times that your buyer is most active, which might be different from when you're most active.

3. Identifiers: Research buzz words and mannerisms that will resonate with your ideal client. You can research this by seeing how your current clients speak to you. Don't be afraid to ask your current clients specific questions that will help you determine what speaks to them. You can also set up public surveys or Instagram polls to get to know your audience and ideal client better. It's important for you to create content and speak in a specific language that your client will appreciate and understand.

4. Understanding Your Client's Goals: This is definitely something you can research and understand from your current clients. For the most part, if you're a service-based business, you will start to notice a trend with your client's goals. Pay attention to these trends, as these goals are going to help you in developing specific content to attract even more clients. For example, for our business, we generally target marketing managers or small business owners and we help them with their social media challenges. Almost all of our clients have goals to establish their presence on social media and increase their overall ROI coming in through social media. Knowing this information, it's helpful so we can create content that specifically addresses how we can help with these challenges and goals.

5. Knowing Your Client''s Challenges: This brings us to our next step. Knowing the challenges your clients are facing. Again, this is something you can research with your current clients, but it's also something you can find out through surveys and polls. Knowing your client's challenges will help you create specific content that they might actually be searching for. For example, a marketing manager might be searching "How can I create a social media strategy to generate more clients?" Knowing that a social media manager might be struggling with this specific tactic, I can create content to answer these questions.

These are 5 easy steps to help you start identifying and developing your buyer personas so you can start creating more targeted content to attract more clients.

Download our full "Guide to Creating Buyer Personas" to develop your own personas in a predesigned template!