How Identifying Your Buyer's Journey Can Transform Your Social Media Sales

Updated: Apr 10

Are you familiar with the buyer's journey? In short, your buyer's journey is as simple as it sounds - The journey your buyers go through to decide to purchase a product or service. The buyer's journey is made up of three main stages - awareness, consideration, and decision.

The awareness stage or otherwise known as "top of funnel" is the stage in which your buyer is expressing that an opportunity or feeling exists. At this point, they haven't fully identified their problem so their search results aren't specific to your unique products or services. At this point in their journey, they are searching for information so it's up to you to provide your prospect with educational content.

The consideration stage or "middle of funnel" is the stage that your buyer has now defined and become fully aware of the opportunity or problem. During this stage, your buyer is searching for the best plan of action to solve their problem.

The last stage, the decision stage or "bottom of funnel" is the stage that your buyer knows their plan of action for solving their problem. During this point in their journey, they are searching for your products/services but they are also searching for other solutions and weighing their options such as testimonials & reviews to support their decision. This is where you should be asking for the sale!


So how can you translate this information to social media content?

Understanding and identifying your unique buyer's journey will help you to be able to provide your buyer with all of the necessary information and content to nurture them through the buying cycle.

It's important to switch up your social media content so you're speaking to your buyers at each stage of their buyer's journey. Follow this cheat sheet so you know what type of content you should be posting:

Awareness content: Provide educational content which includes answers to some of your buyer's specific pain points and challenges. For example, an awareness piece of content for Hart Media might be something like "Top 10 social media conversion tactics." I know that one of the challenges my clients have (before working with me) is that they aren't converting their followers on social media. This piece of content touches on their challenges and I know this might be something they are searching for. Notice this topic has nothing to do with Hart Media being a solution because, at this point, the buyer doesn't really know they have a problem.

Consideration content: Introduce and position your services as a solution to your buyer's problem. At this stage, you should share content so your audience can better understand how your solutions fit into their situation. You should be talking about the benefits of your products/services and the results people have seen from working with you.

Decision content: Ask for the sale! Remember, at this point, the buyer knows their problem exists so they are weighing their different options. They're ready to buy, but that still doesn’t guarantee that they’re going to buy from you. At this point, your buyer just needs that final nudge and that compelling CTA to get them to make a decision. During this stage, you should be scheduling complimentary consultations and providing your buyers with hefty case studies or references to help them make their decision.

At each stage of the buyer's journey, there are different types of content that resonate best with your buyer. Although you can surely nurture and provide your buyer with information in each stage through social media, you should also have an omnichannel approach where you're giving your buyer freebies, resources, downloads, etc. so you can capture their email address which would then result in a conversion for you/your sales team!

To help you identify your unique buyer's journey, I put together a template that's easy for you to follow!


Keep in mind, you will want to map out your buyer personas prior to completing this exercise. I wrote a blog post on that here.