How I built a 5-Figure Business Only Using Social Media

Do I think having a website is important? Yes. Do I think investing in a website is a smart move? Absolutely. Do I think you NEED a website to succeed/start your business? No. You might be thinking I'm only writing this blog because it's a real use-case of the services I'm offering, but that's not the case at all. In fact, I've been building my website for months and to be honest, I wasn't even going to attempt to start my business until my website was finished.

I created an Instagram account almost for accountability reasons. I figured if I at least got SOMETHING out there, I would force myself to go through with starting my social media business. After creating my account, I started posting every day. I started my account by introducing myself with a simple picture of myself and then would occasionally post social media tips, facts or stats, and pictures of my friends and family. I didn't exactly know the direction I wanted to take my business. I went back and forth on wanting to be a freelance contractor to actually launching an entire agency. I figured I would take a crawl, walk, run approach and start offering freelance services first. To be honest, I didn't even promote my services. I kept my Instagram account more as a resource for people who wanted to learn social media. After getting a few direct messages from prospects, I noticed I was positioning myself as an expert in the industry and people were wanting to work with me.

After about six-months I started to gain confidence and started to do some outreach - strictly on Instagram, through the use of direct messaging. I barely even mentioned my services, I wanted to make sure I was providing value. I wanted to make sure with every interaction I made through social media, that people felt like they could trust me. My intention was never to be salesy. In each message, I introduced myself and offered a free audit of their current social media situation. This gave my prospects a better understanding of my expertise within the industry, but also real organic insight into the services I provide. After the assessment, I would present it over a screen-share and utilize the last 5-minutes of the call to teach them a little more about myself and the services I offer.

What I found to work for me on social media is very similar to the content you're putting out on your website. You want to make sure you are creating hyper-focused, targeted content to attract your ideal buyer. You want to make sure you're providing value in every post you publish. Ideally, you want to use a 30, 60, 10 rule with that being only 10% of your content is focused on promoting your services.

I have had my Instagram account opened for almost exactly one year. And in the first year, I have had countless leads coming in either through direct messages or simply comments on posts and I have signed over 10 clients - all without a website. I do absolutely think having a website is important, hence you've found yourself on my website right now, however, I don't think you need to wait to have a website before launching your business, and I do think it's possible to succeed without one.

If you would like to hear more about the strategies I used to grow my business through social media, contact me!