Free 5-Day Social Media

Accelerator Course

Are you ready to level-up on social media, become more aligned on your purpose, start attracting more clients and making more income?


Meet me, September 9th - 13th at 11:00 am PST on Instagram at @hartmedia_org for a FREE LIVE training with challenges, worksheets & homework assignments.

Free 5-Day Social Media

Accelerator Course

I've been asked countless times to release the exact social media strategy I used to start and grow my business on social media. When I started making 5-figure months I knew the strategies I was implementing were working...and that's why I want to teach them to you!

the solution to

your problems

This training is perfect for any female entrepreneur who has been on social media for 6+ months but haven't been seeing any results

If you've been feeling stuck, unmotivated or lost, this training will be the perfect refresher to remind you of why you're on social media in the first place

This training session will be perfect for you if you have an online business and KNOW you need to be on social media to help you increase your client pipeline

If you're attracting prospects but they happen to have a lower budget than your costs and they aren't in your ideal industry/niche, this training will help you create more targeted content

This training is perfect for female entrepreneurs who have service-based businesses and online courses and are looking to increase their overall monthly income

If you haven't started a business yet but you're interested in being your own boss babe, this training will be the ultimate starting point so you can start marketing yourself on social media ASAP


MONDAY: Establishing your brand identity and gaining more clarity into your social media purpose - why you're on social and how you can use the platforms to their advantage

TUESDAY: Determining your ideal client and target audience so you can create targeted content to turn your followers into paying customers

WEDNESDAY: Building your personal brand, creating a community, and providing consistent value to your audience so you position yourself as an expert in your space

THURSDAY: The nitty-gritty of social media including engagement tactics, IG story best practices and hashtag best practices

FRIDAY: Learn conversion strategies and tactics so your time and effort on social media doesn't go wasted and unnoticed