hi, I'm chloe!

I teach female coaches and consultants strategies to help them identify their brand, increase their exposure, expand their influence and convert their social media followers into paying clients. 


my story

I left corporate marketing, marketed myself on social media and built a 5-figure business in just one month. Now, I teach other women the same exact strategies and tactics I used when starting my business.

I was previously working for a Boston-based agency as their Agency Growth Manager until I was laid off. Given I was laid off with no time to prepare (or funding) I took to social media to promote myself as a consultant. Within the first month, I had organically filled my client pipeline and now I teach those exact strategies to female coaches and consultants.


It is my mission to create a place where women can feel supported, understood and valued. I am extremely passionate about helping female entrepreneurs identify their brand, increase their exposure and ultimately increase their overall ROI, through social media.

strategy workshop

If you've been on social media but you're not seeing the results you feel like you should be, this is the perfect solution for you. I work with you to help you establish your digital footprint and pave your path on social media. I will help you find your true brand voice that speaks to your target audience, put together a strategy that aligns with your big-picture goals, and create an actionable plan that will drive tangible results for your coaching or consulting business.


Content Strategy Workbook

Learn how to effectively plan, organize & strategize your social media content to help you improve your efficiency on social media.

ideal client template

The number one most effective social media strategy is to know your audience. Use this template to map your unique target audience. 

impactful headline templates


A great "hook" or headline can help increase your engagement and even increase your conversions. Use this template and customize for yourself.


Chloe is a true expert at what she does! She helped me align my goals and reach them with implementing a social strategy that WORKS like magic!


Implementing Chloes strategies into my social media not only helped me have a 10k launch on a $97 product. The strategy helped me give so much more value to my audience than ever before. I feel like the 10k launch was a bi-product of giving so much value through a unique strategy that converted my social media to sales.


I am so grateful and excited because I am never letting Chloe go!


If you are thinking about investing with Chloe, do it now! She will be your businesses secret weapon for success!

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